Thursday, October 19, 2017


metisu dress
metisu olive dress
metisu dark green dress
metisu sweater
metisu cream sweater
metisu white sweater

Hi you all :) I hope you're amazing! I have some new pieces from Metisu is one of the many women's fashion websites, but is also one of those I highly recommend. Their prices are a little higher than your usual websites ( if you're in search for something quick and cheap - zaful is a place for you ), but if you're looking for something with much better quality - definitely check out I have two items from their websites and as soon as I opened them, I fell in love. This first dark green dress is quite thick and made with great quality. It's made of viscose fabric and it feels extremely comfortable! It fits amazing as well, I will show you how I would style it in one of my next posts when the weather gets colder. Unfortunately, this dress is currently out of stock, but you can check more of their casual dresses here, they have amazing options! The other piece is this beautiful cream sweater that I recommend you getting right away. I'm extremely impressed with the quality of both of the items. If you need some new pieces to freshen up your wardrobe, definitely check out metisu website. Tell me, do you like these items? Did you find something you like on their store? Have a wonderful day!


Tuesday, October 17, 2017


Zaful sweater knee-high boots
zaful fall clothing

Hi guys, I hope the fall season is going amazing for you! I really like this weather currently and I love the fact that we can finally wear boots and booties ;D If you're still in a search for a perfect boot, check out my previous post where you can find a lot of great options. This time I only have 4 items for you, they're all ( you've guessed it ), from zaful. Sweaters and boots are all you'll need this season. I like these twisted sweaters, they're kinda different which makes them more interesting. And the knee-high, loove them, especially the lace up ones. Also, you can never go wrong with these colors;  brown, black, maroon, grey, basically all the neutrals. But, if you're living in the opposite hemisphere, you can check out white sleeveless blouses that you can find on the zaful website as well. I hope you like these pieces and let me know which one is your favorite. 


Thursday, October 5, 2017


Zaful booties boots čizme
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Hi you all, I hope you're great! I have some booties from zaful to show you today. You all already know how much I love that store since I write about them quite often. Ankle boots are probably my favorite footwear and I've picked few from zaful website that I really like. Most of them go with almost every outfit and would also go very well with their gray v neck sweaters
Wearing these cute booties is the only thing that excites me in fall ( after a beautiful and warm summer ). Here you can see 12 different models and I hope you can find something you like, if not, they have many more on their website. I honestly can't decide which one is my favorite ( as always ), maybe the ones at number 11, I like simple things at the moment, but I don't know. Which ones do you like the most? Have a fabulous day!