Thursday, April 20, 2017


Hi, it's me again with these lovely dresses from I love going on certain websites from time to time and dream haha.. I am aware of the fact that I don't have any occassion currently to wear these dresses to but.. I love looking and searching through all of them. Here above are just two of them, but there are many, many more on their website. Firstly, there's this stunning black one with a mermaid cut and classic thin straps. I absolutely love how it looks on the body and I love how it is made! This one is a perfect pick for any prom if you want to look sexy and elegant at the same time. It's so classic and simple, but looks amazing when you wear it. Pair it with a right jewelry and awesome little heels and you have a killer prom outfit. The second one is a little bit more special. It's something that Mia Thermopolis would wear, do you remember those movies? I think I read all those books 3-4 times, they were my favorite! Beautiful baby blue color and stunning little jewels below the waist, so precious! I remember when I was little, this was the kind of dress I would always draw on my princesses and I always imagined this being my wedding dress, but now, I would go with a shape of the first dress ( just saying, if I had to choose ). I love them all, each of them is special and unique in some way, if you ask me which one would I wear to my prom, if I had it right now, I couldn't decide.  If you still can't find what you're looking, you should check out their prom dresses because they have so many options, it's crazy. There are also other dresses on their online store, not only prom, you can also find wedding, bridesmaids or for other special occasion, like cocktail, evening, or even homecoming.  Have fun looking for your dream dress or just getting some inspiration here at the wholesale prom dresses ;) Now, you tell me, which one is your favorite and would you wear any of these?



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