Tuesday, March 29, 2016


photos from aloveisblind.com

A little bit of streetstyle inspiration since it's finally time for the the sun to shine brighter..And also, if you've throwed out too many of your clothing doing the "spring cleaning", check out zaful.com - you know i love their stuff and you can see quite a few of my favorite pieces on my blog in some of the posts here


Saturday, March 19, 2016


It's March 19 and spring is officially in two days. It makes me so happy that I can finally stop wearing boots - though I will probably say the opposite for 2 - 3 months max. Anyhow, the sun is shining, birds are singing, breeze is blowing and the lawn mower is broken.. jk it's not summer yet, but I saw these rompers on zaful.com and was on my dream vacation already.. I hate to say that I do not own any romper but just because I have not really seen the one I truly like, until today.. These ones and many, many more you can find right here. They are reasonably priced and some of them are up to 65% off because zaful usually has quite a lot discounted clothing. These four above are my favorites, so please do not make me choose one even though I do not see why would you, but still...
Rompers have been trendy for a few years now and I am sure, will not go out of style for a while. They are perfect piece to throw on if you do not feel like wearing a dress but still want something more with a little bit of spark than just regular jeans or pants. Plus, some of them even look like you are wearing a dress, when in reality, you can sit however you want without flashing other people haha. The two ones on the top can even be transitioned into this time between winter and spring when we're all a little confused about the weather and not sure whether to still wear out coats or bring out those leather/bomber jackets.. the struggle is certainly present. Still, you should definitely check zaful rompers, or if you are interested in any of these above - links are below the photos :) Enjoy the rest of your winter and go buy yourself a romper or two.