Saturday, May 27, 2017


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Summer is slowly approaching and it's time for throwing away our jackets and taking out those easy breezy ( covergirl's old ad, who remembers? ) dresses and skirts. I have some from StyleWe and Just Fashion Now. Both of those are such great online stores with so many cool items. I want a lot of pieces from those websites, but I only picked a few to show you today. One of my favorite is definitely the number 5, layered midi skirt, I love that pattern so much and it has been everywhere which is good because you can easy find a lot of lovely things with that pattern, but it's also bad because at the same time, everybody is/will be wearing it, ohh the struggles. I also love that cute little, kinda tribal, kinda red dress - at the numero uno. And I love that black, open shoulders, dress and the embroidered skirt.. as always, I simply can not pick one favorite, they're all my favorites! And look at that cute beach bag, they have so many amazing tote handbags, I love them! Yeah, I'm sure you already got it, I love everything, so definitely visit their site. I put all the links for the pieces from the photo, above this text  ( the numbers are links ). Have a beautiful day/night and byebye. 


Tuesday, May 23, 2017


 While we're on the subject of hair, I talked about it in my previous post, here's another one. This time I will be talking about TedHair. They are a premier hair manufacturer and they supply top quality hair products at the best price with extraordinary customer service ( at least that's how it says on their website ). There is a lot of overused adjectives, but it's believable. They have beautiful hair extensions which I mentioned that I'm interested in. Sometimes I just want to have ultra long hair for a day or two, but don't feel like having it all the time and if you feel the same as me, these are perfect for you too. These seem like a very good option to start with, there are all kinds of different styles which you can find here at wholesale hair extensions. If you're worried about the color, they have a lot of different shades you can choose from, or you send them a photo of your hair color and they'll make your perfect color match just for you. There are also some funky colors, from burgundy to red and blue and green that sound fun, but honestly, I'm not sure I could pull that off. Another thing, which is kinda popular at their website, is their virgin brazilian hair that you can find at brazilian hair wholesale. Basically, putting extensions is another way you can make yourself fabulous while still being a completely dumbass when it comes to hair ( i'm talking about myself haha ). It's a fastest and the most simple way to change your style, and if I can say, the most fun as well!
What do you think about this? Do you ever make any changes to your hair or you simply leave it as it is. Even I get bored of my ponytails ( though they are the easiest and most comfortable to wear, but still.. ) Tell me, would you wear these? Which style do you prefer?



Hi you all! Today I have something different to talk about. I have never done anything with my hair other than getting a haircut every 2-3 months when I feel/see that I need to ( kad mi budu ispucani vrhovi, kako se to ka┼że na engleskom? :D ). Also, I had never colored my hair and I still don't feel the need to, but getting extensions sounds quite interesting. And now, seems like the latest trend are actually 360 lace wigs. What that is, if you're new at this ( like me ), it's basically a lace head band with hair all around it giving you various options of styling your hair however you want. I checked some of them on the BestHairBuy website and they're so cool. I love all of them, from beautiful curly wigs to straight and even wavy. I have always wondered how would I look with long, straight hair. It's so fun to change up your look from time to time and play with different styles. Imagine having a room full of different wigs and being able to change them whenever you want. You could be whoever you wanted to :D Also, you can color them, which is the greatest thing ever. They have been super popular nowadays, on youtube, on other blogs, they're truly awesome if you really need one or if you just want to play with your hair a little bit ( and if you're super bad with anything related to hair - like me ). You just put one on, which is by the way really easy, and you're good to go. 
On the photo below you can see how to match your hair easily. It's important to know how to choose the size correctly because straight hair looks longer since it lies flat whereas for the curly, you need to choose one or two size longer that you would originally.
If you're still not satisfied, you can check out their custom wigs where you will, I'm sure, find something you like. Btw, doesn't the hair on these photos looks so good? Especially the one below, I love it! You should definitely check them out if you're in search for something like this. Bye and enjoy your day!

Saturday, May 6, 2017


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You see all these lovely bikinis, well the see through tops are perfect to throw over them, or if you need something more, there are these awesome plus size denim shirts. I have some bikinis to show you today, I picked few of my favorites from the Rosegal website that you can visit here. There are so many lovely ones, but these are the ones that caught my eye. From simple black two-pieces to patterned one-pieces. The first one is a simple black criss cross cut out that is perfect for your if you want something simple, but with a little bit of somethingsomething. Then there's this one with palm tree bottoms, with pink floral bottoms and with a colormix floral bottoms, there are all kinds of bottoms basically. You can mix and match or you can go for one of the one-pieces, they're gorgeous too. There are plenty other great ones on their website and the prices are extremely reasonable. But, if you like any of these above, I put all the links below the photos, just click on the numbers. Now tell me, which one is your favorite? Do you prefer one-piece or a bikini? Have a good day or night and byee bye :)